Sunday, February 8

no greater love...

Sunday Service for today has just ended and I just wanted to capture the thoughts that were running around in my mind...

I woke up this morning not too sure how to feel about anything or anyone. Anyway the service was about God's being with you around you before you under you inside you - ever so often even as Christians we need to be reminded of this.

Regardless of the personal failures, the struggles, the mass level of mental confusion, the attitude of not giving a hoot whatever God is still so merciful and loving. THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN SEPERATE ME FROM THE LOVE OF GOD.

He who hangs the world on nothing created every one of us humans from dust and his spoken word loves me (this complex being). Thank You God.

So I've decided to develop a habit - it is said it takes six weeks to develop a habit! I want to be free of people's opinion and have my own mind and walk in God's will seeking His desires only listening to Him more and experiencing Him more. This is not for glory, personal fame, praise from anyone, or to boast but for the next 6 weeks I commit to fasting and praying.

HE said His grace is sufficient and HE knows my hearts desire. This one is for US Lord!


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