Friday, February 13

Setting Sail...almost!

Well well well, anticipation is high, excitement levels are up, but yet there's a sense of caution... it is highly likely that we wills ail to Sweden on Thursday 19th Feb. How awesomme! After months of prayer, hours of work, and so much devoted time to this project the end is in sight and the fruit of the labour is ripened for the picking!

The schedule can be seen on the link:

Bye the way, durign this time of prayer and fasting I am recognising God's voice in these situations that present themselves that are the very reason why I'm seeking God like this.

It's awesome His amazing love and mindblowing wisdom - He really does captivate me.

Blessed be His name.

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  1. I have a question. are you a missionary? cuz i saw on your profile in interests: missions. is that what you mean?